In the summer of ’98 Matze and Keks started the project Rejected Youth which wasn’t supposed to last too long at that time. Both the music and the lyrics were either taken from or influenced by old U.S. hardcore bands. But just covering old songs wasn’t satisfying enough and therefore 6 months later they set to a real start with Andy Pfeiffer on bass guitar, writing their own lyrics, composing their own songs. Now they orientated themselves more on traditional punk rock. Direct and dirty, rough and inconvenient. They were conscious of the liability that a band has and so the messages steadily became more political and critical. In ´99 they released their first and only demo-tape „Millennium“ and only three days later after it was released, they signed a record deal with Streetmusic Berlin which put out the „Screwballs“ 7“ EP in the year 2000. After a tour with Oxymoron through Canada had unfortunately been canceled they changed the label and in 2001 released the 10’’ / CD “Not For Phonies”. That was also the point when Andy Braun, an old buddy, joined on the second guitar and brought new energy and ideas into the band.

Right on time for their first bigger tour through Germany in August 2002, the full length debut “21st Century Loser“ was released on Halb-7-Records and Bad Dog Records/Rough Trade. At that moment it was already known that Andy Pfeiffer was going to quit Rejected Youth, so the band was on a lookout for a suitable successor for the upcoming tour with Backslide. The person was found pretty fast in Kalle who already made some music with Keks and Matze in the mid 90’s and thereafter he became a full member of the Rejects. They played a couple of separate shows and as climax a two week US Eastcoast Tour which was somewhat chaotic but all in all a full success. While being on that tour they recorded their gig at the legendary CBGBs that was partly released in December 2003 on the 7” EP “Awesome CBGBs” (msm1279.Records / Broken Silence). In 2004 the ways of Andy Braun and Rejected Youth parted due to personal problems but this didn’t stop the band. As a three combo they went on tour with Voice Of A Generation, joined the Beat.Em.Down & Force Attack Festival and played as headliner on a two weeks tour through Germany in the same year. In fall msm1279.Records / Broken Silence and Twisted Chords released the MCD / 7“ EP „No Police State Coalition“ while at the same time the recordings for the second album “Angry Kids” were completed. This album (released in March 2005) was a milestone in the history of the band. Songs like „Antifascista“, „A Threat Again“ or „Bad Boys Attack“ are definitely still their most popular songs! After another extensive European Tour in 2005, Kalle left the band and Rejected Youth played their last show for that time on June 5th 2005.

Only one and a half year later Matze and Keks decided to go on with their project and found new band members with Andy Chaos on the guitar and Sancho on the bass. In the beginning nobody really knew how people would react to this „reunion“, but in contrary to expectations 2007 was the best year for Rejected Youth since they started their project in 1998! Their new songs and their record „Public Disorder“ (Concrete Jungle Records / msm1279.Records / Broken Silence) burst like a bombshell and after only a few month this record became the bestseller – for Rejected Youth and Concrete Jungle Records! Nearly every magazine wrote that this was the best album Rejected Youth had ever recorded. But not only the new record was a highlight – Muttis Booking offered them to join The Unseen on their European Tour. And of course they accepted! Although the whole tour was a resounding success - the show in Nuremberg (their hometown) was the climax: 700 people - sold out!

In the following year Concrete Jungle Records and Block Action Music arranged a festival to celebrate the 10th anniversary of and together with Rejected Youth and invited all their fans, friends and companions. On top of this they gave away the new recorded 4 track MCD “Rejected Forever Forever Rejected” (incl. the song “Black Army” feat. Mark Civitarese of The Unseen) to the first 500 visitors of the show. This MCD was afterwards released under the name of “Black Army”, the profits of which were all donated to the Rote Hilfe in Nuremberg. But this was not the only special thing presented to the 700 visitors at the show. Lots of studio guests were performing on stage together with the band which made it possible for the Rejects to present their songs live as recorded in the studio. Even their former bass player Kalle was playing a couple of songs and last but not least the show was recorded by a camera team and afterwards released as a DVD called “Rejected Forever Forever Rejected – 10 Years Rejected Youth” (Concrete Jungle Records / Broken Silence) in the beginning of 2009. This DVD consists of 60 minutes total playing time and lots of extras, such as a hidden track, a radio interview and a picture gallery. After that successful time the band unfortunately had to take a break due to a hand fracture of the lead guitarist.

During this time the band was able to recover, stock up on energy and was thus able to hit the road again in the beginning of 2010. After lots of separate shows, summer festivals and the “5 Years Concrete Jungle Label Tour” it was definitely time for the Rejects to shut themselves away to the rehearsal room and work intensively on new songs. These songs have been recorded early 2011 and released on their 4th album called “Fuck The Consent” (Concrete Jungle Records / Edel – released: November 2011).

In summer 2012, Rejected Youth finally broke up.

Dear friends. There comes a time where you have to let it all go.
And now - time has come.

Nearly 15 years some of us accompanied the longtime lasting project Rejected Youth. Now - the band behind the project will break up and go separate ways. But I hope that the ideas will remain in some way. Some ambitious aims from sometimes fallible kids.

Well, that's it. Move along folks and thank you all for listening.

Last Update: May 2013